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J.Bo Dynamite
J.Bo Dynamite he's explosive, retro, new wave and now!

Infamous as the proverbial melting pot and for cradling pools of artistic creativity, Los Angeles can feel like a 3-ring circus at times, perhaps even more so than most cities. But, his hair an alarming shade of neon-yellow one day and blood red the next, J-Bo Dynamite hardly concerns himself with the freaks he might meet.

Crawling out of the mysterious depths of the Midwest, the man who would come to be known as J-Bo Dynamite was drawn to California like a moth to a flame, and has since found his own niche in the L.A. music scene. Signing on as the drummer for local favourites Powder, J-Bo's brought his own musical talents to the table (he started playing drums at age six; piano at age 8) while enhancing his exposure to the more theatrical aspects of performing with Powder's extravagant live shows.

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New Wave Electro

New Wave Electro Product ImageNew Wave Electro is here! Rising from the ashes of the 80's like a phoenix. People are asking what's this music? its New Wave Electro and its roots go back to the spirit of late 70's and early 80's with influences from the like's of Kraftwerk, The Human League and Red Noise, mixing early mono synthesizer music with post punk dance beats. But the biggest problem is getting the word out about it all. So what better place than the Internet and getting found on Google for Electro Bands. So this website will be dedicated to not only report on the latest in Electro but also teach people about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and how to get found on Google to start making money from your music and getting it out there. To help us in this area we have called in a Brisane based professional seo company Websites That Sell. They will frequently discuss everything to do with SEO and how to help our artists get out there.

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New Releases

This is Techno-Fears first CD single which offers 3 versions of the track Rescue Me.

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Techno Fury Product image

Neon Fury
J.Bo Dynamite introduces Neon Fury the instrumental purgatory of song.

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Mean Fury

New Wave Electro 2
Out Soon May 2005

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New Wave Electro 2